Hodgepodge Reading on May 11

On May 11th, I will be reading a flash fiction piece at Jade Lounge in Portland, OR at 3 pm. It’s free and open to the public, so I encourage everyone local to check it out!

About the Event: Our May reading will be hosted by Sione Aeschliman and feature special guests Chuck Caruso, Elle Marr, Erika Brumett, and Tiffany Grimes.

The Readers:
Chuck Caruso https://chuckcaruso.com/
Elle Marr https://ellemarr.com/
Erika Brumett https://www.greenlindenpress.com/chapbooks/bonehouse and http://www.shapeandnature.com/Brumett.html
Tiffany Grimes's "Abstrakt" https://www.feelsblindliterary.com/fiction
S.H. Aeschliman http://www.shaeschliman.com

About Hodgepodge: Hodgepodge is a quarterly reading of prose, poetry, and all that lies in between, written by writers whose styles are nothing alike. It's kinda like jambalaya, but without seafood. Hodgepodge presents work by the three co-hosts--Sione Aeschliman, Tuna Cole, and Aaron Simon--and an invited guest. The work presented at each event is guaranteed* to be entertaining, thought-provoking, and, possibly, funny. Kindly hosted by The Jade Lounge, Hodgepodge events are free of charge, but since you'll be at a bar, you might as well eat and drink!

* DISCLAIMER: Hodgepodge is not liable for any psychological damages incurred in the event that the works are totally not your speed.

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