Tracking Submissions

When I first started submitting short stories, I ran into an issue where I couldn’t keep track of all of my submissions. A lot of journals use Submittable, but quite a few use email, personal websites, carrier pigeon, etc. I needed a quick way to see exactly where my work was submitted, what stage it was at, and even a list of places to submit it to next.

I searched everywhere for a simple tracker, but I didn’t find anything that worked for me. I decided to create my own. You can find it here. Simply copy and paste it.

Feel free to edit, manipulate, do whatever you want with it. I chose to keep it as simple as possible because I wanted to quickly be able to look at it and see exactly where I need to withdraw if a story is accepted, or to make sure I’m not submitting more than once to a specific journal or magazine.

I also have a similar tracker for places to submit, deadlines, word count, special requirements what they’re searching for, fees, etc.

I have found this makes me much more productive and organized with my submissions. I hope you find it useful.

Happy submitting!