Tiffany Grimes

Editorial Services

Have you finished a few drafts? Received feedback from an agent or editor, but you’re not sure how to implement the changes?

Or maybe you want to self-publish?

I can help.


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“Tiffany Grimes gave me valuable insight for my novel that helped me dive deeper into character development and world building. Her advice helped me realize the vision for my project.”

-Olivia Ghafoerkhan, Story Spinners

“You won’t regret working with Tiffany! Her attention to detail is meticulous, and her creativity consistently blossoms into beautiful results. Place your trust in Tiffany’s creativity—you won’t be disappointed!”

-Tashi Saheb-Ettaba

“As an author herself, Tiffany understands the shape of stories and the elements needed for their success. She is keenly aware of how options of word choice, structure and grammar affect the impact of a story on its readers. Her editorial suggestions are smart and insightful, helping me identify both the strengths and weaknesses of my writing.”

-Judi Marcin